Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ranting in the Calm

Sometimes you just need to rant. Just let it out...even if it's over something that absolutely nothing to do with yourself. I actually have a couple of things I want to write about this afternoon. I had originally posted a note on my Facebook page about this Wizard of Oz remake the day I read the article. Why, you ask, am I bringing it up again for my blog? Maybe it's because it just really irks me. Maybe it's because I just rant too much. No, I think tinkering with The Wizard of Oz just really aggravates me that much.
I read today (Nov 18, 2010) there is currently not only a remake of The Wizard of Oz, live action for that matter, in the works but there are also a couple of spin off movies as well. The writer of the article actually used the words "comeback" and "classic" in the same sentence. A "comeback?" Are they serious? Where did this classic go? And isn't one of the qualifications for a classic to remain present? Then where is it coming back from? I received the 70th year Wizard of Oz Anniversary DVD set last year when it came out so it must have still been around.
And for that matter...not only one spinoff, but two? What the heck? Yea, apparently Dorothy's great, great granddaughter inherits the ruby slippers. That's the background. And the other, not only is Robert Downy, Jr. Iron Man...he's also the Wizard!
I'm a big fan of The Wizard of Oz. Have memorabilia and everything. Nothing extreme don't get me wrong. I'm a grown man. I'm partial to the history behind the origins of The Wizard of Oz and one particular character, but I don't mention it here. Most don't know that The Wizard of Oz is based on true events and that its characters represent real groups of people and that it was written and first published in 1900. The author, L. Frank Baum, and newspaper tycoon wrote the story to represent the 1890's depression in the mid-west, where he wanted to control the money supply. He had each character represent different classes of people. Some of which are everything from depressed to selfish.  None represent anything good. Even Dorothy represents Baum while the slippers, that were originally silver, represent his silver that allows him to get what he wants. The true real life story is anything but happy munchkins and good witches and friends that stick together along the yellow brick road. But the classic that Baum wrote and the original Hollywood created is.
 Maybe we should re-define "classic" which currently goes along the lines of, "highest rank or class; lasting significance, enduring; refined; considered to be of the highest rank or excellence, ect." get the idea. Maybe we should re-define it into something along the lines of: classic: significance situational; considered good enough until updated; lasting until worn out
 There is no doubt a remake will not replace The Wizard of Oz. But some things you just don't attempt to change. The Wizard of Oz is 110 years old. Its story was originally published as a book. Later it was retold in a film. Now they want to do it again with free reign of poetic license. And knowing Hollywood the original will be used to market the remake, to be used.
Let's rewrite Shakespeare. You know, he can make a comeback. So many other celebrities have remade themselves and made a comeback. But then again they aren't classics.
Seventy years ago one of the Wizard of Oz actors made this statement in an interview:
"We perfected the theater of the mind, and then we turned our backs on it.” ...Wizard of Oz

I've lived an unpredictable life. Some of it by choice, some not by choice. But mostly by my own choices. Most of the lessons I've learned about life have resulted from the mistakes I've made. I've been a teacher of life and I've been a student of life. But the greatest thing is passing on what I've learned.

If in the coming years your choices stray you from your trail,
Or you make mistake after mistake, and think you cannot return.
Then pick yourself up. Remember, it is ok to fail.
It is indeed from the failing, we are most likely to learn,
If you see others walking your line, but at a faster, stronger pace,
Or give everything you give, but feel you still came up too short.
Then remember it is ok to stroll every now and then, life is not a race,
And that it does not always solely depend on the action, but sometimes just the thought.

If you feel the heavy weight of a lost love on your aching heart,
Or feel an all consuming sorrow you feel will never end.
Know that all love runs its course, and that one day, another will start.
And for all that pain that consumes you, time is truly a great friend.
Remember that life is a great adventure, one that you must explore,
And meet as many people as possible, to share in your delight,
However much you enjoy life, you can enjoy it more.

We must all grab on to life with both hands, and take pleasure in its flight.
The life you live is not the life you have been given. It is the life you have been entrusted with.
It is what we make it in spite of what we battle.
Love the life you live. It's the only one you have. When it's gone, it's gone. It is God's gift to you.

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