Monday, January 3, 2011

It's as easy as yoga!

No, I've never tried yoga. And it looks hard. Not to mention the idea of being that little clothed while sweating and breathing so close to others just makes me shiver! But I've been stretched quite a few times throughout my life.

While in the midst of needing some much needed income I threw my back out on the job in the summer of 2006. The pain was intensely outrageous. It was sharp like a needle piercing from my lower back sending sharp pulses down through both of my legs and into my feet. The slightest movement made my face contort and my teeth grit. Standing up took every ounce of energy and concentration. Turning, twisting or bending over was impossible. Needless to say, I was not able to work to earn that much needed income. Today I look back and see how I was stretched in more than one way during that experience and how I missed the mark for that opportunity for that possible preparation for things that were soon to come.

I saw the doctor who had me do physical therapy. I knew what that entailed and what was coming. The thought of purposely working my back made cringe and I wasn't looking forward to it. Besides, I already spent pretty much all my time lying down because of the pain. But it was better than a quick fix of muscle relaxers and pain meds.


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